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Who is Rena Ann Skincare? Well, I will try to make it short and sweet. Rena Ann is named after my daughter, who was named after my grandmother. My tiny one woman company has grown. What started as a skincare studio in Troutdale has moved into skincare essentials that are for all. My skincare line is made for all skin types and all people. I focus on natural ingredients and try to make your skincare routine as simple as possible. That is who my little company is in a nutshell. Find out more about me and what my little company is up to follow me.

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Julie Wilson, Owner, Licensed Esthetician, Skincare Expert and lover of coffee...

Our skincare is from the finest ingredients found in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. 

We work with local labs to create and formulate every products. Our lab is not only local but also woman owned. So, when you buy from us you are supporting our small business as well as theirs. 

We don't claim to be scientist, that is why we work with a lab and a cosmetic chemist to formulate the best skincare that uses natural ingredients. Our formulas have your skin in mind and we want each product to perform at it's highest level.

Our products WORK...


EMAIL: Julie at renaann.com

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