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5 Journal Prompts for Better Days

We have all had those days where nothing seems to help, especially this last year. I compiled a few writing prompts for your journal to start feeling better and hopefully a bit more mindful.

Describe a goal- Write down a goal and the steps you need to take to reach that goal. When we write down a goal it generally is easily more attainable.

List your emotions- When we put our emotions to words, we take away the overwhelming power they have on us.

Write down five things things that make you happy- When we shift our focus on the happiness it easier to see that maybe those things that worry us are not as troublesome.

Write about laughter- When was the last time you had a really good laugh? Write it down. What made you laugh so hard?

Describe a perfect day- What does the perfect day look like for you? Is it at your favorite park? Walking the dog in the sunshine?

You got this! I would love to see your progress. Tag us in your Instagram post with @renaannskin.

Thanks for reading.

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