What's the Dirt?

We are going to get down and dirty…about the skincare industry anyways.

All skincare is not created equal.

There is literally two to three labs that create the top 20 brands, including Es&*8 Lauder, Lo*eal, and many others. Do you know what the difference is? Packaging and price. Yup, they all use the same formulator but their packaging is what you are paying for.

Did you also know that the volume that they produce your product that you just bought probably only cost them two to three cents to make? Do you think you are getting a fresh batch when you pick that product off the shelf? No, more than likely they have been sitting around for a bit.

So, what are we really getting at here?

Of course, we are a little biased (lol) but our skincare is FRESH. We use a local lab and only order our formulas when we are down to two or three left.

Hello, green tea we are looking at you.

When you purchase a product from us you are receiving a product that is fresh, with ingredients that actually work. We don’t believe that you should invest in products that don’t work, or make things worse.

Trust….we have read some nightmare reviews.

So, here is the thing…our products are small batched and hand produced, labeled, and filled. No factory here. When you buy from us you are receiving a product that has been tested by a cosmetic chemist, a licensed esthetician, and a dermatology specialist. Our quality is super important to us. We believe that products that you put on your skin should not only treat, but prevent. Yes, when we focus on prevention your skin heals and you see results.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself….

Do you know where your products are produced?

Are they being handled with care?

Are they fresh?

Do they actually work?

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