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How To Get Smooth Skin-EstheticianTips

With chemical and hormonal changes this can contribute to your overall texture of your skin.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, and well hydrate.

We all have been told to drink water as it is great for weight loss and our bodies but water is super important for our skin. According to dermatologist's the more water you drink the plumper your skin will look.

2. Using the right moisturizer

Using the right moisturizer for your skin type is one of the most important steps you can take. Moisturized skin looks smoother and most importantly it will be balanced which helps with breakouts and smoothing those pesky wrinkles. If you need help with finding the right moisturizer book a consult with us by clicking here.

3.Exfoliate regularly

The act of exfoliation on your skin is to remove the dead skin cells we really don't need. However, it is possible to over exfoliate. It is generally recommended to exfoliate once a week. Please, I beg of you to not use anything with nut shells. These type of exfoliator's are horrible for the skin. They can cause small tears in the skin which can lead bacteria and other nasty things into our skin.

Make sunscreen your BFF!

Besides your diet, there is nothing more damaging to the skin then the sun. Even in the gloomy days in winter you need a sunscreen. The damaging rays cause actual DNA damage to your skin. For those of us that have hyperpigmentation this is super important. I recommend wearing sunscreen daily, no matter the weather. If you would like some suggestions please contact me via this link (contact).

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