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Is oil cleansing right for you?

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Got acne?Dry Skin?Mature skin?

Let’s talk about what oil cleansing is.

Yes even oily skin can use an oil cleanser!

What is oil cleansing?

Oil cleansing is when you use a specific combination of oils to rid your skin of makeup and other pollutants that your skin obtains throughout the day. Oil cleansing is a great makeup remover. Generally, you would use an oil cleanser as some might use a cold cream prior to using a cleanser rather it be a gel/foam based and or cream cleanser.

Why would you want to use this ancient technique?

Most cleansers are made to strip the skin of pollutants. But, in the process of stripping the cleanser takes with it our natural oils. All skin and types need moisture. Our skin’s natural defense is to produce sebum (oil) which protects it. When you strip your skin of this vital protectant your skin is vulnerable. This is where oil cleansing comes in. When you oil cleanse your skin you are adding back the protectant it needs.

Have you heard the saying that “like attracts like?”

This saying is exactly why oil cleansing works for even oily skin. When you oil cleanse on oily skin the ingredients attract to the oil in your skin and rid it of excess oil or sebum, it then replaces it with the good oil that your skin needs. Even oily skin can lack moisture. When this happens it reaches out into the air looking for moisture and when it doesn’t find it it then produces more oil to prevent dehydration.

How do I start oil cleansing?

Of course, we would say to pick our No.001 Serum and oil cleanser and start there. But you can begin with an oil of your choice and of course if you need a recommendation, we are always here to answer questions. Just fill out the contact form. If you have dry skin, we recommend anything with olive oil in it is a great place to start. If you have oilier skin, we recommend a grapeseed and or rosehip oil.

Now that you know what oil cleansing is and how it can benefit your skin when are you going to start? We can’t wait to hear about your oil cleansing journey. Hashtag us with the below hashtag and tell us about your journey.


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