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Secrets of an Esthetician

As an Esthetician and skincare aficionado it is no secret that I am obsessed. Over the years I have learned what really works and what doesn't. From products to treatments, let's chat.

We know when you have not taken care of your skin.

Skin has a map. That map is easily read by looking under a magnifying lamp. We see all the pores and the condition of your skin. When someone has not taken care of their skin we see it in your pores. Generally speaking your pores will look rather full if you have not cleansed and exfoliated properly and in the same note we know when your skin is dehydrated via your pores as well.

We know you are "Picker".

Scars on your skin tell us your past. We know a pimple scar when we see one. Red or purple dark scars can last for weeks or even months. Try to avoid picking at your skin. Your best defense is to cleanse properly and to treat the blemish with active ingredients and to leave it alone.

Botox Face

When we treat someone's skin we can always tell when they have had botox. Their skin is no longer soft and supple. The areas of injection will generally have a harder feel to it. If you have had botox avoid getting a facial for at least a month. Also keep in mind that botox is temporary and can cause sagging in the long run.

Bronzer or Tanning?

When an esthetician analyzes your skin after that first cleanse we can see that either you were wearing bronzer or you either tan or don't use sunscreen. The sun is the most damaging to the skin. We know you have not religiously applied sunscreen. In order to further permanently damage your skin apply sunscreen every two to three hours and yes even in the winter. UVA rays can be found all throughout the year. Remember UVA=AGING/ UVB=BURNING.


I have learned over the years that you can usually tell who uses general drugstore skincare vs. professional products (not found at Ulta/Sephora). Those that use a professional brand will have more supple skin with less scarring and blemishes. The drugstore products contain added fragrances and chemicals that can and will irritate the skin. Professional products are more customized to certain skin types and issues. I can recommend some products if you book a consultation with me. Of course, I am a little biased on my products but I can recommend a few things at the store if you would like.

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