Skin Foods

Your mother was not wrong....

Fruits and Veggies are the best thing for your skin. Our skin needs those vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to be it's best self. When it comes to the best foods for your skin we always recommend eating the rainbow. A few foods that have super powers for your skin are:

Blueberries/Berries: They contain a high amount of antioxidants which helps repair cells and in return help your skin.

Walnuts: Rich in Omega fatty acids, They amp up collagen production.

Red/Green/Yellow Peppers: Helps with sun sensitivity and diminished the appearance of fine lines.

Pomegranates: This fruit contains polyphenols which helps with regulating blood flow which gives you that healthy glow.

Dark Chocolate: Rich in flavonols, which helps firmness of the skin.

Greek Yogurt: This superfood is known as the wrinkle buster for good reason. It contains B Vitamins which is a great way to detox the skin.

So now ya know....

These are just a few of the skin loving foods that you can eat to better your skin and your overall health. One of our favorite ways to get all of these skin healthy foods is in a smoothie.



1/2 to 1 C. Blackberries ( Frozen is great)

1/2 tsp. Nut butter

1/8 tsp Dark Cocoa Powder

1/2 C. Greek Yogurt

Coconut Water


Add all ingredients but the coconut water. Blend. Add a bit of coconut water to the desired consistency and enjoy.

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