The Only Routine You NEED!

You don't need the 10 or 20 steps to get that youthful glow....

It seems that everyone has their favorite 10 or 20 step routine….

We are here to tell you that your routine doesn’t need to be that complicated.

When you complicate your routine there is more of a chance for your skin to react and not in a good way either.

When we add to many products to our routine, it can sometimes have the reverse effect you are looking for. As a licensed esthetician I see this all the time. I hear a lot of “why is my skin acting like this?” or “I just used all these products and I broke out”.

Here is the skinny…. (no pun intended, well maybe)

When your skin is treated with too many products it can over react. It doesn’t really know what to do. You have to guide it gently to do what you want it to do. One of our favorite ways of doing this is to simplify.

Here is a basic routine that will help your skin.

1. Cleanse

2. Tone

3. Serum

4. Moisturize

5. Sunscreen

This is such a basic routine, and not only that it makes your day so much better when you start with a good routine. Try this routine for a week and see how your skin looks.

We would love to see your results. Tag us in your photos with

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