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What is this-SD Alcohol 40

Is it safe?

TYPE OF INGREDIENT: Anti-bacterial, astringent, and anti-foaming agent.

MAIN BENEFITS: Used in personal care items to decrease downtime.

So ,what is it? It is a type of alcohol that is denatured. So what does that mean? Denatured alcohol has an added ingredient so that it is not drinkable due to the fact that is made with the same thing as your favorite cocktail.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! A small amount of alcohol in products is safe. Where it becomes an issue for our skin is when the alcohol content is listed as a main ingredient. Our No. 59 Gotu Kola Cleanser has a minimal amount of this ingredient and it is only added to keep the shelf life of the product. All of our product are made in very small batches that way you get the freshest skin care out there.

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