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Why do I need a serum?

Once you know, you know!

Serums are hyper concentrated.

What is a serum?

It is a concentrate of usually plant based active ingredients that target specific skin concerns. We like to think of it as vitamins for your skin. Our serum is different as we believe that concentrated plant oils are what is the most bio-available for the skin.

Benefits of a face serum

While we believe that serums are nourishing, they also come with many benefits including:

Firmer & Smoother skin.

Helps heal dark spots and pimples

Lesser inflammation

Hydrated and plump skin

Why are serums so expensive?

Serums are hyper concentrated and in doing so you receive the highest amount of benefits. All serums are not created equal. Some have fillers that have no benefit to the skin, just a benefit to the company that manufactures it. Our No. 01 serum and cleansing oil has absolutely no filler. You receive the highest amount of plant-based ingredients to give you the best benefit.

How do I use a serum?

We recommend using our No. 01 serum right after you cleanse your skin. A little goes a long way. Prior to your makeup we like to add our serum onto clean skin and let it soak in. This is a good time to check your email or just go back to bed LOL!

Why do you have two serums?

Our No. 01 Serum and cleansing oil is an oil based serum which targets most skin types but it does focus on those with drier and or mature skin. Our No. 26 serum is used for those that tend to have oilier and or inflamed skin. Both serums work well on all skin types. Believe us, we have tested them.

Now that you are filled with the knowledge about serums are you ready to dive into this wonderful product. Click here to learn more.

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