Dry skin Bundle includes our Chamomile Cleanser that will help you stay moisturized while cleansing. The next step is our Green Tea Scrub to slough away those skin cells that you need to say goodbye to and last you need to slather on our nourishing and moisturizing Geranium Oil Cleanser & Serum. Your skin will thank you. We recommend exfoliating one to two times a week. 

Dry Skin Rescue

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    Reviews and Testimonials


    Hyaluronic HA 1000

    My oh my...where has this been all my life? I vote this the best product of the year and it's only January. Just buy it and Julie is so helpful in finding the right products for you.


    Rooibos Serum

    My skin was flaky and then Julie, the owner recommended this serum. She was so right. My skin has never looked liked this. I will be purchasing every product she puts out.



    My skin loves this moisturizer. I have very picky skin. It is lightweight but so moisturizing.


    All that I have!

    My faves are the Cleansing Grains, the scrub, my skin feels so soft and bright just using those items. I use both the serums, which keeps my facial skin moisturized all day... and I LOVE the moisturizer Afterglow!


    Green Tea Scrub

    This stuff is magic. Helps with the acne I had from wearing masks all day.


    HA 1000 Serum

    OMG this is my new favorite. Please don't ever stop making it. My skin is brighter and it even helps with my acne. This is a lifesaver.


    Geranium Oil Cleanser & Serum

    I'm obsessed with this oil. It feels like the most luxurious purchase I made in 2020. 100% recommend.


    Chamomile Cleanser

    This cleanser is my new go to. It calms my redness and my skin. Bye makeup.



    love it so much...😍😍😍


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