Immerse your skin in rich oils specifically formulated for glowing flawless skin. This is one of our best sellers. It's a double duty product. You can use it as an oil cleanser daily and or use it as a serum. 


Olive oil-High in antioxidants, this oil can help prevent free radicals. It also helps with premature aging. 

Tamanu Oil-Stimulates collagen production, promotes wound healing, and antibacterial properties.


Geranium Oil Serum & Cleanser

SKU: no01magic
  • *Olive Oil,*Jojoba Oil,*Tamanu Oil, *Hempseed Oil,*Wheat Germ Oil,Sea *Sea Buckthorn Oil,Geranium Essential Oil, *Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil,Organic Lavender Essential Oil,*Organic Passion Flower Extract ,*Organic Grapeseed Oil

  • As a serum & Moisturizer: Apply on clean skin and massage. 

    As an oil cleanser: Apply to skin and massage. Follow up with our No. 59 Cleanser. Then apply a dime size amount onto clean skin.

Portland, Oregon

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