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It is very important that you are happy with your purchases from us. We will do everything in our power to make things right with you. If ever you have a question or a concern please reach out to us.

We would like to say that our skin care line is great for everyone but we can’t know what yours or anyone else’s allergies are. Please do a patch test prior to using the product to see if you have an allergy. We at Rena Ann are not responsible for any damage to skin and or property. I know, but we have to say that.

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Rena Ann values it’s users’ privacy. This privacy policy will help you understand how we collect and use personal information. Our policy has been designed and created to ensure your information is safe and will not be shared with outside parties.


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Rena Ann may collect and may make use of personal information to assist in the operation of our website and to ensure delivery of the services and or products you need. At times we may find it necessary to keep your identifiable information as a means to keep you informed of other possible products that may be available to you from Rena Ann at

*Voluntarily provided information which may include your name, address, email address, billing, and or credit card information.

*Information automatically collected when visiting our website which may include cookies, third party tracking, and server logs. (All websites have this)


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